Establish effective sales organization by setting targets, monitoring the performance and rewarding the performers.

Sales Performance Management

ITgma's Gamification solution is a sales performance enhancer that helps you establish the right sales and activity goals, monitor your Sales force performance (achievement vs. target), design related incentives, and then reward the behavior that helps closing deals. Gamifying your company's Sales methodology - increases the sales volume and alters the Sales Performance Management Landscape.

Set Points

  • Import or create a product catalogue and set a value point for each product or product group.
  • With the manageable reward system you can adjust the product points and focus factors according your priorities or consumer and market demand. Set a reward for events such as product sales, acquisition and retention of customers, or collection of payments.
  • You can also manually add soft skills you think are crucial and award them points.
  • Customer churn and product returns are automatically recalculated.

Set Sales Plan

  • Create a monthly, quarterly or annual sales plan by selecting the products/product groups you intend to sell.
  • Input your targets in the application, or export your plan to inset the values and import it back.
  • You can send the plan to the concerned parties to leave comments in the detailed view. After the plan is being reviewed, it is ready to be published.


  • Once you have a sales plan, it's time to distribute it to your sales force. Distribute the targets on a monthly or quarterly basis in accordance with your sales force organization (ex. per territory, departments, sales channels).
  • Change distribution criteria: equally or according the automated calculation of the historical data.
  • The application enables different levels of distribution, so you can assign individual sales targets to monitor the process more accurately and grant bonuses based on personal achievements.


  • Monitor the target realization, the individual performance, points won or lost, and the whole sales progress - real-time.
  • Set custom notifications, know if the threshold for a product is reached or a sales representative outperforms. Receive up-to-date announcements and generate reports at ease.
  • Sales representatives can observe own performance, transactions, total points, and see the incentives won.

Simulate & Model

  • Experiment with your bonus-calculation logics. Simulate the point values and their distribution, change variables and model the game based on the simulation results.
  • Optimize the cost for bonuses, commissions and other incentives according your budget.
  • Eliminate the bottlenecks in the sales and dynamically manage the priorities.

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  • Find all relevant information and their graphical display on your dashboard.
  • The dashboard displays target realization per product or per type of event, transactions per sales representative, notifications, as well as other custom-added dashlets.
  • Every sales representative can monitor their achievements on an individual dashboard and see the leaderboard rank.