Comprehensive, intuitive and effective resource planning tool.


  • Resource Allocation and Booking

    Planning your resource allocation effectively will improve efficiency and productivity across your business. ResourceFlex allows to you plan the allocation of your valuable assets in a smart and simple way. With ResourceFlex no-one gets over-allocated and everyone is utilised based on their skill sets. Resource booking on the other hand helps you to plan and schedule your resource requirements for projects that are in the pipeline that may impact your resource pool.

  • Manage days off and bank holidays

    Bank holidays, annual leave, and days-off at short notice - all of these things could have an impact on your resource and project planning. The best way to allocate your resources effectively is to have all the information in one place. Employees can request annual leave and time-off, and if approved this will automatically be recorded and shown in the same view as allocations and bookings.

  • My Space (my profile, my allocations, my annual leave)

    The best way to increase the productivity of your employees is to give them clear and achievable short-term targets. My Space is the place where employees can view their allocations across multiple projects as well as annual leave and bank holidays so they can clearly see what is expected from them from future projects.

  • Resource Management

    To manage your resource allocation efficiently you need access to real time information on your resource pool. People are more than just a name and number; with ResourceFlex you can view their profile, contact details, employment information and most relevant of all, a detailed skill set definition which ranks each of their skills. This allows you to allocate the right resource to the right project.

  • Segments, Clients and Projects

    The Configuration of projects is a ‘must’ feature for every resource allocation tool, but we go the extra mile. ResourceFlex allows you ResourceFlex allows you to track you projects by client and by segment. Grouping projects by client and by segment also gives you a clear foresight into how your resource is being utilised when you running reports in the reporting module. There is also a colour-coding feature at project level that will help you to easily identify resource allocations across different projects. A project manager who is assigned to any given project is accountable for that project’s resource allocations. This means that you don’t need to have one resource manager to take care of all allocations, instead this functionality is decentralized across assigned project managers.

  • Reporting

    When managing resource allocation and planning, there are several questions that need to be answered: “do I have resources that are not being utilised?”, “do I have any resources that are over-allocated?”, “how much allocation is planned for any given project, client or segment?” and “what is the ratio of technology or resource being utilised at any one time?”… Our reporting module provides detailed and accurate analytics on all of your resource projects.

  • Security

    ResourceFlex uses state of the art secure routines and functionalities to ensure that your data is completely private and protected.

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