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Digital Transformation [in Banks]

Digital transformation is far beyond just moving from traditional banking to a digital world. It is a vital change in how the banks and financial institutions learn about, interact with and satisfy their customers. We are prepared to be your partner for your digital transformation.

Our expertise and our solutions will help you with the digital transformation of the customer journey:

  • Customer 360° (holistic view of your customers)
  • Bank-in-Go (eBanking & mBanking)
  • Communication hub (centralized, personalized and synchronized communication)
  • Online queuing system
  • Digital document signing
  • Knowledge base
  • Customer satisfaction collection
  • Big data analytics and machine learning

Customer 360° (holistic view of your customers)

  • Segmentation of customers
  • Personalized up-sale and cross-sale offers
  • Running focused programs to improve customer portfolio quality
  • Consistent customer experience at all touch points

Bank-in-Go (eBanking & mBanking)

  • Online banking (eBanking)/Mobile banking (mBanking)
  • Platforms – Web, iOS, Android, Windows
  • Data & actions synchronized through all devices (computer, smartphone, tablet) for consistent customer experience
  • Jump start with lots of pre-defined functionalities

Communication hub (centralized, personalized and synchronized communication)

  • Centralized, personalized and synchronized communication with your customers through SMS, e-mail, Social networks, Call center
  • On-premise or managed cross-channel campaign management system
  • Professional services for campaign preparation, execution and reporting - for increased performance and more successful campaigns

Online queuing system

  • Internet and location-based mobile applications
  • While waiting customers receive promotions and bank offers
  • Possibility to appoint a personal meeting with bank advisors
  • Centralized system with real time synchronized data for all branches

Digital document signing

  • Software solution that modernizes the process of document signing
  • Convenient for shops (point-of-sales), customer visits, in the company or on-the-go
  • Coverage of the full document lifecycle, working with existing PDF or DOC templates (existing or generated by your systems), marking signature places, performing biometric digital signature

Knowledge base

  • Centralized internal system for generation, storage, distribution of knowledge
  • Announcements reaching different group/levels of employees
  • Scripts and scenarios (step-by-step)

Customer satisfaction collection

  • Centralized feedback system integrated with all customer touch-points (Bank portal, Core banking, CRM, Online banking, Queuing system, etc.)
  • Creation of simple and complex questionnaires
  • Feedback history and reporting

Big data analytics and machine learning

  • Analysis of unstructured data and transformation to structured
  • Business intelligence
  • Machine learning and AI reporting

Decision engine

  • Business Rules Management System (BRMS)
  • Simple and complex eligibility rules
  • Real time decisions
  • Cross-sale and up-sale offers
  • Integrated with BI, core system, CRM

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