We offer creation of campaigns and loyalty programs that can be executed through e-mail, web, telemarketing or sms.

Campaign and Loyalty Management Solution

We introduce you the ITgma's Campaign and Loyalty Management solution - the marketing system for creating various campaigns and management of loyalty programs in combination with numerous modules operating in synergy from your CRM system. The solution is comprised of two main modules - Campaign management and Loyalty management.

ITgma's Campaign Management solution grants you

  • Flawless execution of high-quality multichannel campaigns, based on customer segmentation, or event-based
  • Acquire new customer's, retain existing customers and build loyalty
  • Personalize customers experience
  • Incensement in revenues and grow customer lifetime value with intelligent cross-selling and up-selling
  • Always track customer satisfaction rate through easily manageable surveys
  • Easy to use system for survey creation, questions management and survey execution


  • Campaigns can be easily created and executed through various channels
  • Customized workflow for campaign execution through different channels can be created
  • Users can utilize multiple templates
  • Real-time campaign monitoring

ITgma's Loyalty Management solution grants you

  • Discovery of the characteristics that customers share within a segment
  • Personalize customer's experience using loyalty portals
  • Provide a higher level of customer service that is based on the customer's state of loyalty and value
  • Tailored solution that satisfies all your stakeholder's needs
  • Decrease churn rate


  • Create multiple loyalty programs
  • Create targeted promotions and campaigns and assign them to various loyalty programs
  • Improve customer profitability by rewarding the "right" customer behavior
  • Define accrual and redemption rules, based on customer's properties
  • Automatically enroll customers in loyalty programs based on predefined criteria
  • Enroll customers through a loyalty web portal - standalone or as part of the self-care portal

Reporting capabilities

  • Customized reporting service, capable of integration with 3rd party reporting systems
  • Customer's buying habits and usage behavior
  • Dashboard with customizable dashlets providing grid and visual reports
  • Data gathering and analysis based on value, frequency, recent visits, and correlation with customer personal data

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Solutions Benefits

  • Improve your Marketing strategy with our advanced Campaign Management Solution
  • Build loyal customers with our Loyalty Management Solution
  • Increase revenue with efficient up/cross-sell
  • Expand your customers base
  • Improve customers retention
  • Measure the Campaign execution parameters
  • Track customer's buying habits and usage patterns
  • Motivate customers to buy more using daily promotions and campaigns
  • Effective communication with customers through personalized dialogue
  • Always deliver the right offer, in right time, using the right medium
  • Improve brand perception and popularity