Improve the quality, decrease the cost, cover the gaps in testing expertise and resource shortage in your team.

Software Testing

Companies with in-house testing teams are often challenged by huge costs, the inability to handle business peaks, and inadequacy of the test expertise. ITgma is your truly partner that can challenge all those aspects.

The traditional rationale for test outsourcing is that by applying economies of scale to the testing of applications, a test service provider can test better, cheaper and faster than companies can themselves.

The immediate benefits from our established and proven process and expertise are:
  • Improved quality by 20% – 40%
  • Reduced time to market by 15% – 25%
  • Reduced testing cost of 30% - 50%
  • High scalability of testing capacity
ITgma’s testing services are based on our experience from the successful projects and engagements in the past. Our teams will cover:
  • Functional testing
  • Load/Stress/Performance testing
  • Security, Penetration testing
  • Globalization and localization testing
  • Accessibility/Usability testing
  • Configuration, Compatibility & Conformance testing
  • Installation testing
  • Test Automation
  • Regression testing
  • Beta testing
  • Third party validations and acceptance testing

Engagement Models

Understanding the challenges of Software Testing, ITgma has developed engagement models tailored to reflect the maturity, complexity, technology and processes to drive a successful project delivery. Our clients are free to choose the most appropriate software testing model based on time, cost, size and needs.

ITgma’s Managed Testing Services enable companies to focus on their core business while benefiting from our professional expertise. ITgma takes the full responsibility of the software testing in your company and delivers the support to build the reliable products that work.

Testing is an integral part of the development process. ITgma’s professionals, delivering the testing service, our professionals employ leading industry standards, best practices and tools, which allow you to track your project’s status in real-time, guaranteeing high quality deliveries.

Our Managed Testing Services ensure:
  • Long term partnership
  • Output based delivery according to the SLA
  • Customer’s hands over the software testing service
  • Continuous improvement indicated by measureable KPIs

ITgma’s Project Testing Services help companies to improve the quality, reliability and performance of their IT systems, decrease the time-to-market for their applications and reduce the testing costs. ITgma’s experts use the experience to create and execute testing scenarios that will ensure that every feature of the application and the entire system function according to the specifications.

  • Project Based agreement
  • Project Deliverables Coordinated by ITgma
  • Client monitors the testing progress continuum

ITgma’s Testing Staffing services are designed to match your needs. We provide qualified testing experts world-wide to augment the in-house testing personnel with our field experts, avoiding the short time high workload testing and unnecessary hiring and firing costs. ITgma has an extensive pool of domain experts in various disciplines of software testing which will ensure that your projects begin quickly and executes with tested quality of the deliverables.

Key Benefits:
  • Quality improvement - Augment your QA team with field experts,
  • Cost reduction - Quick access to missing capabilities and skills,
  • Faster Time-to-market,
  • Flexible staffing - Quick ramp up and ramp down of resources,
  • Flexible location - Near shore, Offshore, On-site, or mix.

ITgma’s Testing Consultancy service offers improvements in your current testing to make it more efficient, improve the quality and reduce your costs. We offer our top professionals in testing, planning, analyzing and organizing QA departments and QA processes. ITgma Test Consulting Assessments and Recommendations are based on years of experience in software testing projects using leading testing methodologies. It is a service providing a structured assessment of an organization's testing maturity and a new vision to improve its overall testing and QA effectiveness and efficiency.