A wide range of embedded services for mobile platforms, Linux, real-time and non-real-time OSs

Embedded Solutions and Services

ITgma’s ability to successfully provide services for embedded systems highlights a thorough understanding of hardware and a deep expertise in software development for embedded devices.

ITgma offers a wide range of embedded services covering mobile platforms, Linux, real-time and non-real-time operating systems through different phases of the product lifecycle including the design, development and support.

We offer a diverse experience starting from Board Support Package development (BSP) to Platform porting; then Graphical User Interface (GUI) and User Experience designs (UX); and from Driver development over Kernel optimization to Kernel customization.

Our strong background allows cost-effective development, decreases time-to-market, and enables you to differentiate your product on the market, keeping it current and innovative at the same time.

ITgma makes sure all system constraints in embedded development are covered (low power consumption, small memory footprint, low failure tolerance, robustness and reliability) thus creating a complete and modern product.

Linux and Windows kernel development
  • Driver expertise
    • Driver development
      • Memories (SRAM, SDRAM, FLASH, MMC, SD Card)
      • Communication with modems: GPRS/3G, RIL, standard phone line modem
      • Board communication interfaces: UART, I2C, SPI, 1-Wire
      • Multimedia: I2S sound device drivers
    • Driver optimization
      • Performance improvement
      • Resource optimization
      • Power consumption optimization
    • Integration of 3rd party drivers
  • Kernel optimizations
    • Boot time optimization
    • Performance improvement
    • Resource optimization
    • Power consumption optimization
  • Kernel customizations
  • Board Support Package (BSP) Development
Android services
  • Android BSP porting
Database development
  • SQLite
  • MySQL
Application development
  • UI and GUI interfaces design
  • Android/iOS/Windows/Linux applications
    • Python
    • Qt
  • Localization
  • OS less application development
    • Generic embedded user space application development in Assembly/C/C++
Porting and optimization of Platform software
  • Android
  • Linux and
  • Windows
Identification of needs
Requirements specification
  • Firmware Development
QA Service
  • Black box testing
  • White box testing
Customer support service
  • 1st level customer support
  • 2nd level customer support
  • 3rd level customer support
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Windows
  • eCOS
Environment tools
  • IAR, ARM Realview, GNU GCC/Binutils
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Altium designer
Code versioning tools
  • GIT/Gerrit
  • SVN