ITgma implements modern software development methodologies to best suite customer's needs and expectations.

Development Processes

ITgma implements modern software development methodologies to best suite customers' needs and expectations. Constant training, couching and audits maintain the high-level of the development processes and help in evaluating and improving the team performance.

Test-driven Development

In order to shorten the development cycle and deliver high-quality solutions, ITgma has incorporated Test-driven development (TDD) methodology. Test-driven approach ensures faster delivery, excellent architecture, and highest quality. TDD comprises continuous testing beginning from the early development stage, to create defect-free software applications in accordance with client's demands and industry standards. TDD implies the development of automated software tests that steadily accompany the software development process.

Agile Working Processes

We believe that the interactive and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between the team and the client, adds agility in the project ensuring evolution of the requirements to meet all business needs of the software solution. ITgma has incorporated SCRUM as software development methodology to implement iterative project management.

Feature-driven Development

Feature-driven Development is agile methodology for iterative and incremental software development. FDD blends number of industry-recognized best practices into a cohesive whole. ITgma incorporates FDD to provide client-valued functionality perspective process that will effectively deliver tangible, working software repeatedly in a timely manner.

Protection of Software during Development

All software developed at ITgma is protected according the policy for information security and is compliant to the EU legislative. Access to systems that have the information about the software, is limited only to the members of the project team and access is given according the role in the project. Each workstation is protected by strong password policy and password expiration. On regular intervals, access to systems and accounts is audited. All employees have signed NDA with ITgma, and are not allowed to take outside ITgma's premises any project related information without written approval by the Management.

Optionally, we offer higher security levels, with: Restricted physical access to the team premises; Each team member can sign NDA with the Customer; Separate network segment with dedicated ISP line for the Customer's team; Apply Customer's information and data security policies for the team; Regular external security audits.